Wealth inequality in the US is at an all-time high. The richest 400 people in the United States own more wealth than the bottom 185 million people combined. Inequity in wealth is the primary perpetrator of racial and economic inequality and is undoubtedly the most consequential human and civil rights issue of our time.

The Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative believes community wealth building strategies represent an opportunity to systemically address metropolitan Atlanta’s crisis of wealth inequity. The goal of the Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative (AWBI) is to re-engineer Atlanta’s economic ecosystem such that all sectors, from small businesses to large corporations, to anchor institutions, philanthropy, nonprofits and government, consider day to day how to integrate the economic well-being of our most disenfranchised families and communities into their strategy and operations. We do this through thought leadership that advances bold ideas, movement building that activates people on the ground and strategic investments that equitably deploy capital.

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