INVEST: Deploy Capital Equitably

The American economy is not wired to eradicate inequality, but rather to perpetuate it. Achieving a new economy will require capital strategies that are fair, inclusive and people-centered. Through a mix of collaborative funding approaches, AWBI will deploy resources that test exciting models, leverage and pool public and private resources, contribute to restorative policies and practices, and fund brave and daring work – all while delivering impressive social and financial return on investment.

In 2018, AWBI provided $65,000 in exploratory and planning grants to advance the work of key partners with the mission to elevate community wealth building as a viable and leading economic development strategy, particularly through the enhancement and growth of black-owned businesses.

2018 Partners

Economic Empowerment Initiative & National Black MBA Association

The Road to Wealth Project, a partnership between the Economic Empowerment Initiative and the National Black MBA Association, is focused on creating pathways to financial independence and wealth. The Project uniquely targets the financial well-being for high potential black entrepreneurs with an emphasis on franchise businesses. AWBI provided a six-month planning grant to develop a detailed implementation plan to launch the Project with new and existing businesses within the Atlanta Beltline overlay and South Atlanta.

The Guild

The Guild seeks to explore alternative models to development. AWBI provided a six month planning grant to The Guild to create an action plan that details a new economy business model for the Sweet Auburn Historic District.

Georgia Watch & Georgia MicroEnterprise Network

Georgia Watch and Georgia MicroEnterprise Network are working collaboratively to develop strategies and activities to ensure African American business owners take full advantage of the opportunities for economic development on the BeltLine’s West Side Trail. AWBI provided a six-month planning grant to Georgia Watch and Georgia MicroEnterprise Network to create a coordinated action plan to spur local action to support black-owned businesses on the Beltline’s Westside Trail.

A3C Action Summit

AWBI supported the recent A3C HipHop Festival of the A3C Action Summit in particular two sessions focused on the importance of entrepreneurship in historically marginalized communities.

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